Let’s actually START with Miu Miu, because Emma Corrin is one of the people who applied a lot of creativity and self-expression to their offering. They worked with their stylist Harry Lambert to create a look based on Evander Berry Wall — specifically, this rendering of him. Wall was a socialite from the latter part of the 1800s who got rich very young and used it to curate a personal style that often included changing clothes six times a day — except of course for the day someone bet him he couldn’t change 40 times between breakfast and dinner (he absolutely did). They called him “The King of Dudes,” and Corrin’s coat had that embroidered inside. THIS is why Met outfits need accompanying literature. The interview on the Vogue feed were only really great when the subjects came ready with their own story, and I appreciated this one.

[Photos: Evan Agostini/AP/Shutterstock, Matt Baron/Shutterstock, Getty Images courtesy of Prada]