Recently, we — along with ninety-nine other bloggers — were asked to photograph ourselves wearing this:


The logo is a Ralph Lauren pink pony Polo shirt (and that is my chest), and we were all wearing them to in honor of the tenth anniversary of the company’s Pink Pony breast cancer awareness work — specifically, an online auction and text-to-donate campaign that’s happening in October. Our photo is pretty sad, by the way, if you decide to go looking for it. Half the people did some kind of artsy, semi-professional thing, and styled their shirts; we just stood in my garage and cropped out our jeans from the picture. What can we say? We wanted to do more, but we’d just gotten back from Fashion Week and it is a miracle that we were standing upright under our own power. 
Anyway: There’s some pretty cool stuff up for auction, like a behind-the-scenes day at Top Chef or being backstage at Project Runway, a day at Wimbledon, handbags, Miami Heat tickets and a chance to meet LeBron, a guitar signed by Taylor Swift, a chance to meet Jerry Seinfeld, or tickets to the opening ceremonies of the London 2012 summer Olympics. If you bid $350, you might win a tour of Elle with none other than Mr. Joe Zee. There’s also a front-row seat at February’s Ralph Lauren show in New York (and if we are in the building, maybe you will see me fall through a temporary door and almost kill myself, the way I did at Ralph Lauren’s September show; ah, memories). 
The auction begins today, and ends Oct. 21. Or, if you just want to donate $10 to breast cancer awareness through the campaign, you can text PINKPONY to 501501 and it will happen automatically (although standard messaging rates apply).
Seriously, even if you can’t afford any of them, just looking at all the stuff that’s available is kind of great. There’s seventeen pages of it. I enjoy, “Get your favorite child in a Ralph Lauren ad.” If I had $37,500, I’d probably bid on the weekend at his villa; a comparative bargain is $5250 (currently, anyway) for a visit to Donna Karan’s Turks and Caicos retreat. For $5,000 you might win a chance to meet Anna Wintour. And I don’t mean to get you excited, but the chance to play polo with a model named Nacho is only going for a grand right now. Go forth and make him yours.