Someone has taken it upon themselves to make Paris Jackson — Michael’s daughter — into A Thing. That someone, obviously, might be Paris Jackson herself. Whoever’s behind it, it’s certainly working: She’s getting invited to all kinds of events, she’s been on at least two major magazine covers this year, and she’s recently signed with IMG Models. Page Six has a variety of thoughts about her celebrity ascension; I tend to think that she benefits from a couple of factors. First, the general celebrity-watching public has a tendency to develop a soft spot for the child of an icon who died young or under tragic circumstances, especially if we remember when that child was born — see Francis Bean Cobain (of whom I almost always coo to myself, “she looks just like her father!” whenever I see a photo of her), or Princes William and Harry. (If we saw more of Matilda Ledger, I suspect we’d feel very much the same.) I don’t think you even have to be overly attached to the celebrity parent in question, as long as you thought, “ugh, those poor kids” at some point. So she’s got some built-in goodwill from the public. Second: She really isĀ extremely pretty.

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