It’s very classy, this, and fairly subtle — in fact, I kept forgetting this photo was in my lightbox until each time I did a purge.

Part of me wishes Miley had worn this, because she had the hair-and-makeup pizzazz to give it extra spark. Selena just sort of seems to be wah-waaaahing her way through this. Although… you know what, as I type, I’m realizing that what I thought was a weird-fitting bodice is actually just her shadow on the T in the backdrop. So, wait. I might need to revise. Half my argument was that I thought she didn’t get this fitted properly, and now my argument might be banished to the corner to think about its sins.

My comment about Miley still stands, though. At least Selena’s bob makes this feel a bit more youthful than a tight twist updo would have, and… you know what, she might look great. But I’ll let you decide whether we erase the question mark. I can’t go back up and do it. I’m moving FORWARD, baby. Never back.

So which is it?

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