Melissa “CONSIDER ME” Leo seems incredibly wacky. Between her spots of harmless nuttery during last season’s awards season and the fact that she guffawed to Ryan Seacrest that her chiropractor texted her while on the red carpet — while he looked at her as if deeply nonplussed — I wonder if she is the Ron Artest of Hollywood, in the sense that she might be the person most likely to thank her therapist at any given moment (like he did when he won the championship with the Lakers) and then randomly change her name to something that, as Metta World Peace himself did, will affect our understanding of beauty pageant answers everywhere. I mean, if any of them answers that she wants world peace more than anything else, it could refer to global accord OR a one-night stand, and how are we to interpret?

I mean, Melissa is already walking around in a sequined pajama shirt. So even WITH her awesome shoes, I am on high alert here.

[Photo: Getty]