I literally forgot that I was writing this whilst in the middle of a sentence, but I think that speaks more to my Post Oscars Fog and less to her dress, which I actually think is quite successful:

She did NOT forget to add a bracelet, and you know that allows us to forgive many, many things. But something about this black and white look is appealingly mod, which works on her, and which she ought to do more often. I said in our piece for The Cut that it reminded me of Julia’s black and white vintage Valentino from the year she won, although looking at a shot of that, it more reminds me of how I remember that Valentino. So, Olivia Wilde’s inside my brain now, which is probably going to end in Vampire Diaries-style bloodshed for us all. It’s been nice knowing you.

The back is the best part:

Elegant and fun. Everyone in the background seems to agree.

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