Every single time she’s turned up at one of these, I’ve said to Jess, “Huh, I forgot that she’s in Dallas Buyers Club.” She’s actually very GOOD in it, too. Between that and Juno, I think she should stay niche for a while.

She’s also good in this. I know there’s an argument to be made for not dolling yourself up to the nines when it’s not Your Night, so to speak, but sometimes I think people should be allowed to go as ornate as they feel like it because there’s plenty of red carpet for everyone, so go own your piece. I think this hits a nice balance of being PERCEIVED as low-key but actually being really beautiful and fancy.

And twirly:

In the best way, it reminds me of why I loved going to the car wash when I was a kid. Her shoes (which I actually don’t like) are Brian Atwood, and are similar to the ones Lady Gaga had on — and if you had “Lady Gaga and Jennifer Garner wear the same shoes” on any of your Oscar bingo cards, then I’d like you to come read my tea leaves, please, because you have otherworldly sight.

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