Rooney Mara is one of the celebs who got the nod to sport the H&M Conscious Collection gown at this event — which is sort of a strange fit, as far as I am concerned. Not because I don’t find her believable as an environmentally conscious person — on the contrary, I fully believe that Rooney Mara is someone who is extremely uptight about getting everything in the correct recycling bin — but because I always feel like that marriage of cause and celeb requires a celeb whose personality could conceivably convince people to get on board with whatever the cause is. Rooney Mara (for better or worse) presents, at least to me, as a very talented actress with, shall we say, directional taste in clothing, who is somewhat artistic and severe.  People who are influenced by the behavior of directional and severe artistes are totally already on board with the environment (although perhaps not totally with H&M). In talking about Emma Watson the other day, we had an interesting discussion about what environmentally conscious clothing really even is, and I think that is something that’s confusing to consumers, and I’m not sure if Rooney Mara showing up at the Vanity Fair party looking the way she always does clarifies things? It does, however, clarify that H&M has someone on their design staff who can totally make a bang-up Rooney Mara costume — and there’s something to be said for that. In fact, I’d almost argue that this is a slighty saucier Rooney Mara than we’re used to seeing. It’s for sure still within her general wheelhouse — what my friend Diana called “glam shipwreck” — but it might have a tiny dash of Let’s Sit By The Pool In a Hollywood Musical And Drink a Mai Tai. Baby steps?

[Photo: Getty Images]