I really like this — I miss you, Lady Mary, because I’m not watching that show where you are a sexy conwoman or whatever — but, and hear me out, would we all like it better if the skirt were black? I wonder if the pattern on the bodice (which I otherwise like) might look less like two sassy potholders that way? Having said that: This looks good on her. She’s always wearing some kind of kooky bodice — The Kooky Bodice being the bookstore that opens in Lady Mary’s village eventually, scandalizing her as an old woman — and this is one of the better ones.

HOWEVER. This is obviously Monse:

Gemfields Celebrates Ruth Negga And Karla Welch

J’adore that preppy color combo, but do any of us really want to look as if our clothes are literally trying to choke us to death? I thought no, but as the years roll on, I realize how little I truly know about anything.

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