Wow, this Dior line is hijacking every train in town and running it off the rails. Nina Dobrev used to ace every Oscar party she attended, and now she’s being mangled by this idiotic petticoat and its logo straps that just look like those loops you’re supposed to hide unless you’re using them to keep the dress on a hanger. This doesn’t look fun. It doesn’t look pretty. It doesn’t even expose anything interesting about construction. It’s just THE WORST. THIS LINE OF DRESSES IS A SCOURGE, and sadly, we can’t blame Raf Simons because he left and there were interim designers before the new director took over; this was her first line. Her newer stuff is a bit better — you can see her Valentino sensibilities, and in fact even here a little — but please let’s all stop circulating the nightmares.

[Photo: Getty]