One of the post-show telecasts had someone stating outright that Halle’s coif was a wig, but her stylist begs to differ; in an InStyle piece, he explained that it’s au naturel and that he chopped off five inches of her hair, and that “[they] went for a very natural, curly, powerful asymetrical ‘fro.” I honestly LOVE it. I’m glad she’s letting loose with her natural curl — I loved it when Tyra did it too, on ANTM, however briefly — and it’s a treat to see her embracing something wholly different than the pixie cut we probably all conjure when we hear her name. I just wish her dress did it justice. As we noted for Cosmo, the base gown is quite lovely; it’s the extra froof binding her torso that turns it into a TP’d hostage situation. It’s almost as if it initially dangled down the back but she kept getting it caught on her heels and furniture and doorknobs, so they wound it around haphazardly and then just knotted it and hoped for the best — because, you know, she’s Halle friggin’ Berry, so maybe you can just roll the dice. It almost worked. Almost.

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