Lord knows I love this actress, and I LOVE that she wore a dress that nips in at the waist. So many people make the mistake of taking curvier ladies and sticking them in tents, as if they’re campers and not celebrated talents.

But the sleeves here are a real problem for me. See how the fabric doesn’t attach to the rest of the dress? Forget Gwyneth — those are capes. And they almost offend me a little, like she was standing in her dressing room and someone was like, “We need fabric. GET ME A PROFESSIONAL,” but they could only find the Dr. Nick Riviera of sleeve doctors, and nobody cared enough to do it right.

The other awkward thing about this gown is that Sherri Shepherd of The View — which is really the daytime TV version of Bridesmaids, obviously — wore one that’s astoundingly the same.

Except hers is in a great color, and the sleeves attach. (I keep wanting to scream, a la Gilderoy Lockhart in one of the Harry Potter books, “I’ve learned joined-up sleeves!”) But of course, Sherri’s do have vertical slits, like she lost a fight with a letter-opener. Both have good parts, both have issues. But for me, the core issue is that if you look at them both, you’d think Sherri was the nominee and Melissa was the one who has to go sit next to Barbara Walters the next day and try not to stare.

Pick the winner:

  • Melissa (15%, 1,363 Votes)
  • Sherri (47%, 4,368 Votes)
  • Neither (16%, 1,451 Votes)
  • Too close to call! In a good way. (5%, 476 Votes)
  • Too close to call! In a bad way. (17%, 1,569 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,228

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