This particular gown is made from sustainable fabrics.

Thumbs up for that, and for picking something that lets her gorgeous red hair stand out so nicely. Am I in love with it? No. I will never remember that it happened. But when it comes to the sustainable dresses, your choices are going to be a bit more limited right now just because that’s not a widespread practice, and I respect her decision to use this invitation to do something even if it meant she wasn’t necessarily wearing the ball gown of her dreams. (Not that I have any insider dish on whether she did or didn’t like this. I’m just saying, good for her for taking the leap.) Helpfully, even if it’s forgettable on its own, I do think she wore it well, and it’s tough to imagine who else could pull off that challenging — and not necessarily all that dreamy — gray-green. And now we can all go back to analyzing her body language for heavily coded Game of Thrones spoilers on the fate of Jon Snow.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]