I have to give it to Kristen Bell. Jessica and I were talking about the whole “stop running unauthorized paparazzi photos of children” movement that she has spearheaded with such success, and how Jennifer Garner must be thinking, “God damn, I had to haul up to Sacramento to testify to the state assembly, and nobody cared, and all she has to do is Tweet a strongly worded letter?!?” Then again, Jennifer Garner probably doesn’t care who got people to listen, as long as the lenses stop hanging out outside her children’s school and literally chasing them all up and down Montana in Santa Monica, which Jessica has seen happen, and described to me in detail as a super freaky-ass situation.

What I think will be the interesting by-product: The way the photos that are okayed expose which celebrities are complicit in their photographed adventures in and out of medical buildings, on the way to ballet class, to the pumpkin patch, etc. All the publications that are banning these pictures have said that they’ll run them if there was parental consent; presumably calling the paps on yourself counts.

Anyway: Kristen Bell. She can kickstart your movie AND your child’s safety. Can she kickstart my metabolism and my wrinkle cream, too? I mean, come on, spread the love.

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