We saw Maria Sharapova at Vera Wang’s show in New York, so once I saw this, I was all set with a comment about how Vera designs a lot of figure-skating costumes, and perhaps Maria is planning to trade tennis serves for triple salchows, and this is what they’ll wear when Swan Lake freezes over and it’s time for a couples skate, etc.

But then I read that it’s not Vera Wang at all; it’s McQueen. There go my ice jokes. Aren’t you devastated? In their place, I will suggest Maria looks like a barmaid at a Victoria’s Secret-themed saloon that, frankly, I am stunned does not already exist in Las Vegas. And it also has me wishing we could go back and hae McQueen re-costume the the royal wedding. Can you imagine? The Queen would have eaten her hat — which might have been okay if it tasted as lemony as it looked — and Camilla would have run around clapping and squealing and shooting finger guns at all and sundry.

[Photo: Getty]