This must have been a weird couple of months for Quvenzhané Wallis. It’s hard to say how much a nine-year old absorbs from an experience like this, if only because when you’re little, sometimes things that are mind-boggling for an adult seem normal, because you don’t have as much life experience to compare with. Young Oscar winners, like Anna Paquin, have said that they didn’t even realize exactly what was going on at the time — and in Quvenzhané’s case, when it comes to certain aspects of being in the public eye, that’s probably for the best. (For example, I were her mother, I damn well wouldn’t want to have to explain the details of The Onion’s deeply misguided joke, and the press reaction to that, to her. Because you have got to be kidding me. VERY POORLY.)

However, it’s pretty easy to grasp that people think she looks cute. Because she did. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on the fact that she doing to star in the Annie remake, and that therefore it might be awesome.

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