It was a perfect union of iconic ’90s hairdos, and apparently, an all-too-brief one. I had no idea that Blossom’s brother and Felicity were ever an item, and I gather that’s because it was pretty short-lived. Joey’s tux screams The Cool Guy at Prom, and Keri’s black dress is honestly something she could pull out today and it’d feel just as relevant. She should’ve kept it. Maybe she DID. (Sing the refrain: THIS is why people become hoarders.) But wow, that a hair journey these two people have had, since this moment commemorating two head-suits that no longer exist: Joey’s flowing mane, which he has shaved and dyed and shaved again over the years, and Keri’s delicious tumble of curls. This is two years before Felicity, and so three years before she chopped it and then spent the rest of the show’s run growing it back. Now, she seems to straighten it, or else she’s done enough of that over the years that her original curl is gone for good. Either way, never forget. Perhaps this much follicular bounce in one relationship was simply more than any mortals could bear.

[Photo:Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images]