Olivia Wilde and the Don’t Worry Darling crew are honestly very fortunate that their film’s director is herself a movie/TV star and thus VERY easy to book on all the chat shows. (I do agree with Heather’s theory from earlier this week that the Hollywood Foreign Press is ABSOLUTELY going to try to gin up the most chaotic selection of nominees possible, to get people to care about the Golden Globes again, and will totally nominate both Olivia AND Miss Flo to see what they can do.) Here, she’s doing Colbert, in a VERY cute and totally reasonable wide-legged pant and tee marriage, and then the following for the interview proper:

Olivia Wilde departs 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert', New York, USA - 21 Sep 2022

She looks like a total babe in this, although I have to admit that it’s a LOT of boob for Colbert. (Not him specifically, for a nighttime chitty chatter in general. I’m sure Stephen was respectful.) I am sort of logistically concerned about how this dress sits. I mean that in the way that TV chefs mean by “this eats well.” Like…this seems like a dress you should ONLY stand in. But I’m sure one of you watched the interview and can fill me in! PS: Fun fact, the latest bit of news from this EXTREMELY MESSY roll-out is that she and Miss Flo had a full screaming match on set! (If I were Miss Flo and my director and co-star kept “disappearing” — presumably to fool around — I must note that I think I too would eventually CRACK.) Also, now Chris Pine is pulling out of promo? This thing has been A RIDE.

[Photos: Richie Buxo/Shutterstock