In an effort to spread vaccine awareness and excitement — something I gather is in short supply among Kids Today — Olivia Rodrigo went to hang out at the White House. There were a lot of understandable Cher Horowitz comparisons, but the first thing that jumped to my mind was the time Marge Simpson bought a Chanel suit to wear to the country club, so it pleased me to hear this is in fact reportedly vintage Chanel. Cher and Marge and Olivia would have a lot to discuss with each other. I really am not sure Cher and Olivia would have a lot of positive things to say about staying married to a dude who gives you a bowling ball with his own name engraved on it (and that’s just one of, what, two decades of things?). If they’d met, back in the day, Marge might be the ex-wife of a French bowling lothario right now with a closet full of MORE Chanel, and it’s hard not to want that for her and Lisa. Obviously Marge got a flat in Paris in the divorce and is now squiring an army of French lovers, while Lisa goes to museums and becomes fluent and has a surprising Bohemian period that involves beat poetry and smoking cloves. Maggie and Bart split time with her and Homer, who refuses to eat baguettes as a form of protest.

Anyway: Olivia. I am sure you’d like to see the scrolldown aspect of this outfit:

Biden, Washington, United States - 14 Jul 2021

Yep. And obviously how much I cringe at her hooves will remind everyone that I am middle-aged and tragic, which is okay. But also: She is absolutely making “professional-trendy” a thing here, and it works. Plus, the whole point of this was to Get Out The Vax, and I suspect the young people this is targeting are going to be swooning over her socks and clodhoppers — it’s schoolgirl-plus; it’s Gaga at Constance Billard — and if that makes anything about her visit successful, then ROLL WITH IT, Olivia. Wear WHATEVER IS REQUIRED. If we ever get people over this hump and squelch Delta, Delta Plus, Lambda, and the others before we get a new member added to the band, then hell, I’ll wear those MYSELF**.

**Offer void in North America

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