Last week, Olivia Rodrigo released a film on Disney Plus — about the path to her album, Sour — in which she reflected while driving “her vintage Ford Bronco” from Utah to L.A. I have a lot of questions, and some of them are about how a Ford Bronco because a trendy car, when it to me will forever be associated with a) the OJ Simpson chase, and b) a friend of mine in 1991 having one, and referring to the fact that in 1989 it was named one of the three least safe cars in existence. But honestly, mostly the first part.

Also, WHAT is her styling team doing?!? No answers are herein. Just head-scratching. Which I’m sure makes me uncool and middle-aged, but as I am both those things, I’m good with it.

[Photos: Broadimage/Shutterstock]