The list of influences for the Gucci Cruise 2023 show — I cannot, by the way, believe I just wrote “2023” — is long and varied and strange, much like the Gucci shows themselves: the cosmos! German philosopher Walter Benjamin! Medieval and Elizabethan styles! Greta Garbo! And this:

“I am passionate about nudity, clothes that become the body and the other way around,” said the designer.

“I am passionate about nudity” really made me laugh, but I don’t think that was his intention.

All told there are 101 looks, which is too many for me to caption even when I’m half-assing it. So kick back, flip through at your leisure, and hopefully come back to the comments and imagine how many of them will be on Jared Leto (#26?) and Jodie Turner-Smith (#33 or #46 maybe) and Florence Welch (#44, #21 without the navel?) and Dakota Johnson (#21 WITH the navel?) and Billie Eilish (custom suit based on #1, perhaps) and Rebecca Hall (#53?) and maybe Doja Cat (#12) and so on and so forth. Who will line #61, or who won’t?

[Photos: Imaxtree]