That is one bunchy Balmain. Maybe Hailee just wanted to wear something alliterative with Bumblebee, or BumbleBee, if that’s how we’re spelling it now. I could handle the sleeve drama, if her skirt weren’t an ode to every time any person has ever had a dress ride up on them. It is generally a very unwelcome experience. But then we get down to the Brian Atwood Bootlace Experiment, and I want to scream. The chafing! The squeezing! The time it must take to get them OFF at the end of the night, and how uncomfortable it must be to sit on a toilet and actually be afraid you might splash onto your $1200 boots! This is a Kardashian-level bad idea, kid.

Apparently she’s in this movie with John Cena:

'Bumblebee' fan screening

Is it just me, or does he look weirdly and unexpectedly like Mark Wahlberg in this photo?¬†Even so, John’s suit is sharp, and he comes across very¬†nice and solicitous, like he’s just introduced himself as your personal concierge for the night and would be delighted to get you anything you need to better enjoy the movie, like perhaps a blanket, or a splash of vodka in your soda, or a side of liquid butter for popcorn-dipping. Gross? Don’t worry. He won’t judge.

[Photos: WENN]