The other day, a commenter was remembering fondly the days when we’d do poetry caption contests with random photos. When I stumbled upon this set pic from Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker sequel, I decided maybe this is the screwball fun we need on this Thursday. I don’t have anything with which to make it an actual contest, but please, go forth and haiku — that’s a three-line poem of five, seven, and five syllables — to your heart’s content. I’ll start:

The saddest of clowns
A true fan’s love eludes him.
Joker… or Djoker?


Indictment has come.
Now Don Jr. drifts alone
Needing new coattails. 

The clown car has crashed.
Please, steal the carburator.
Stop it forever.

Your turn!

[Photo: Kristin Callahan/Shutterstock]