If you haven’t seen last night’s Project Runway finale, stop reading NOW, because this post will spoil you on all of it. 

If you HAVE seen it, are you as enraged as the rest of Twitter? Jessica and I rehashed the finale for The Cut and found the outcome wanting. 

Jessica: I also find it kind of incredible that Nina Garcia, of all people, was arguing that Gretchen should win because her stuff will really appeal to department stores. [… ] When has Nina ever worried about the plight of the buyer?

Heather: When the buyer is feeling bloated and needs a blouson shirt.

Jessica: Maybe it was because Nina felt that in her third trimester she might need some stylish granny panties.

If you want to read the rest of our take on the heated deliberation, the eventual winner, and the state of Jessica Simpson, please do click here to read the rest of the piece (and for a refresher on what we thought of her outfit, which we fugged when this was filmed during Fashion Week, click here).

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