There was a time when we seriously suspected celebs were raking in major cash to attend shows at Fashion Week. I mean:

How else do you explain Mary-Kate Olsen at Rock & Republic, or Miss Sixty(whose apocalyptic jumpsuits once made model Jessica Stam crack up while she was walking the runway) luring the likes of Maggie Gyllenhaal, Demi Moore, Hilary Swank, and — most inexplicably of all — rumpled male hottie Clive Owen? There’s a reason it’s not called Mister Sixty, good sir.

But recently it’s been better, so this time — in advance of going to our first show of the season on Thursday — we’ve picked a handful of celebs who haven’t been, haven’t been in a while, or whom we haven’t personally seen yet, and matched them with a brand that’d be smart to court them, in a way that achieves objectives for both of them. Like a perfect union, rather than a haphazard one-nighter that later fills you with shame. To see our picks, click here and read the full piece on The Cut.