I feel like JT could have worn a suit. (I know he’s doing that Cool Tee Shirt With a Blazer Thing butI kind of think he accidentally ended up looking like the CTO of a tech company that will later get dinged for rampant low-level sexual harassment.)

I also feel like WHAT IS HAPPENING TO JC’S HAIR RIGHT NOW? He looks like he’s prepping to step into the role of Laurens in a touring company of Hamilton and given that I think JC has the best voice in the entire group — DON’T @ ME, THIS IS FACTUAL — this might actually be happening.

I feel like Joey Fatone looks so genial and delighted and like maybe he’s just been waiting to be 41 years old his entire life, and now he is and he finally truly feels like himself.

I feel like Lance Bass looks slightly like he’s considering headlining a magic act in Vegas and I am worried that he’s trying to bring back The Frosted Tip.

I feel like Chris Kirkpatrick is just happy to be there AND WE’RE HAPPY TO HAVE HIM.

[Photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock]