I was just ruminating the other day about these two, and BEHOLD!

Good for them! They’ve been together for YEARS — he moved in with her maybe two years ago? If I remember it correctly — and goodness knows, we need all the royal weddings we can get. He, for what it’s worth, is a nightclub manager and I cannot remember if Prince William hates him (ALLEGEDLY) or if he hated Beatrice’s ex-boyfriend. (I think it was the latter, but if it’s the former, what an exciting frisson of drama on this happy day.)

This was my first thought about the ring as well:

Apparently, they designed it together, so I’m SURE part of her thought process was that she loves her mother’s ring. Speaking of her mother…rumor, of course, has it that Prince Philip dislikes her (and that she and Andy have been waiting for him to shuffle off to the ceremonial tree-planting in the sky to remarry for ages; they do still live together, after all) but you cannot deny a woman a place at her daughter’s wedding. SHE’S BACK IN!

[Photos:  Jonathan Brady/PA/REX/Shutterstock]