Look, in all honesty, she DOES look great in this dress — and it’s smart, sometimes, to think back to the summer of 2007, when she was driving the wrong way down the freeway, and give thanks for the fact that we’re all out of those days with most of our faculties intact — and I am here for a little applause for a green dress at any time. (Although she does sort of look like she’s doing a Rachel Zoe impersonation here; Zoe famously whipped Nicole’s style into shape, but they also had, as I understand it, a falling out.) HOWEVER. I am really here because I want to note that Nicole is SO FUNNY on Great News, which is very enjoyable. It has the British dude who was Kimmy Schmidt’s boyfriend on that show’s first season, and (a weirdly kind of hot now) Horatio Sanz, and Tina Fey occasionally popping in to play what is basically Lady Jack Donaghy in the form of a character with the transcendent name of Diana St. Tropez. It’s not perfect — it’s basically a B+ 30 Rock except with a news show instead of a variety show (and I have watched all the episodes and I still don’t know if this newshour is weekly or nightly), but I think you would quite enjoy it, and Nicole Richie has LITERALLY made me laugh out loud in every single episode. One of my friends knew La Richie and her crew for a brief time back in the Backward Freeway Driving Days, and I never forgot what he told me about her: “I don’t really trust her, but she’s the only one of them who ever makes me laugh.”  The former assessment may no longer be accurate, but it’s nice that the latter is still true.

[Photo: Vince Flores/startraksphoto.com]