Nicola Coughlan’s Bridgerton character is, by all accounts, the central love story of next season — or at least, things will START to get saucy for her. On the show, she has to wear a very brassy red wig and fairly garish gowns, none of which flatters Nicola — which is the idea, because it’s keeping with the notion that no one gives Penelope a second look. Which is of course bonkers because Nicola herself is beautiful, which you can see when she picks her own stuff. This gorgeous blue plays off her natural coloring, and the frock is deliciously froofy. The only thing I’d change are the shoes, which tonally clash, and the hair — which could look great from behind, but that’s not what any of the photos documented, and so all we see are wisps and a bit of a messy pile. And the only kind of messy pile I want for her is a tangle of sweaty limbs in season three.

[Photo: David M. Bennet/Getty Images]