I love this picture of Babs and Oscar de la Renta. She’s asking him what kind of tree he would be, you just know.

Here’s what else we did yesterday:

We talked to Twilight’s Ashley Greene at DKNY. [And BOY are a couple commenters crabby about what we wrote. Note: Saying it feels like she almost singlehandedly carried those foreign premieres is a compliment to Ashley, period, not an attempted insult to K.Stew or anyone else. It is not, as they say, a zero-sum game. We understand how these things work, with schedules and such, and we’re not saying nobody else did any work; we are JUST saying that, boy, Ashley earned her paycheck. Translation: I PROMISE WE DON’T HATE KRISTEN STEWART. -H]

We chatted with Pretty Little Liar Shay Mitchell about her new bangs (A made her cut them).

We sniffed Dita Von Teese and found her odor acceptably old-school.

– We discovered that Steven Tyler HATES J.LO. (Okay, we’re just theorizing.)

Stringer Bell gave us the silent treatment.

– And finally, Barbara Walters goes full-on tropical at DVF.