I must hand it to SJP for how CHEERFUL she looks in this, which she wore to the premiere of Bette Midler’s wartime musical For The Boys. I truly have no idea what…. this is. Sweatpants? A jacket from a circus-themed clothing store called BIG TOPS? A Victoria’s Secret Second-Skin Satin bra? (I actually think that might BE one of those bras, or if not, it’s whatever bra VS was trying to imitate.) The whole thing reads like the costume in a Las Vegas revue about band camp.

However, we’re not done. At this same premiere, we were served a second course of sartorial tomfoolery by the one and only Iman:

'For the Boys' Premiere

I’m not sure there is ANY event at which the dress code calls for, “Shirt that resembles being groped from behind by a penguin.”

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