We technically missed the time of year for BRIT Awards retrospectives, but I stumbled upon this photo of international treasure Wham! accepting an award after Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go made them a sensation. What you don’t know is that the song’s original lyrics were, “Wake me up before you go-go // I wanna eat a big bucket with gusto // wake me up before you go-go // I don’t want to miss the extra-crispy thighs // wake me up, before you go-go // don’t inhale the chicken bucket solo // wake me up before you go-go, yeah // take me snackin’ tonight // the Colonel is my GUUUUUY, yeah yeah.” Such a shame they rewrote it to appease the Big Clubbing lobby.

Here is the video, with the non-KFC lyrics of course:

It’s magical. The baggy shirts, the way they jump into frame. I laughed out loud when Ridgeley leapt in there with his guitar. How many takes do you think they needed to get through it all without laughing? I bet they thought this dancing was the height of cool. The 80s were misguided in just about every way and that was definitely one of them. We thought we were KILLING THE GAME. We were not. But this song, and Wham! in general, is absolutely forever.

[Photo: Shutterstock]