This is almost certainly an overstatement, but let’s run with it anyway: I feel as if I’ve almost never seen a dress that does Michelle Dockery’s chest the justice it deserves, and this is no exception. It’s not the worst, but it’s not a triumph either.

Having said that: I do LIKE the dress, and she’s styled well in it. Plus, she’s smiling, and I’m not sure I’d be so self-possessed in her shoes. This is the first time she’s done a red carpet event since the tragic loss of her fiancé just before Christmas. So frankly, who the hell cares what this dress is doing to her chest, in light of what the universe did to it. I hope her heart is patching itself together again, and at least she’s still got Branson to hug when she needs him.

As soon as he’s done with Raven Symone, that is. Maybe she’s just trying to pitch him a YouTube show, That’s So Branson. Not gonna lie: I’m here for that.