I feel about Natalie Zea the way other people feel about obscure punk bands that go on to have huge commercial success: Sure, you’re into her now, because you watched Justified, but I’ve been a fan since she played Gwen on Passions. The best part of that, by the way, is that she is currently married to the actor who played her love interest Ethan on Passions, and I hope their real lives are considerably easier than what they lived through on daytime TV’s best/worst drama, given that their issues therein included that time Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald drugged their surrogate and had their embryo implanted into herself, not knowing she was actually already pregnant (medical care in Harmony is very poor), and also that accident where Theresa poisoned Ethan with deadly guacamole intended for his evil mastermind grandfather, and then kidnapped his body while he was in a coma. (He obviously came out of the Poisoned Guac Coma on Christmas Eve.) They also had a bomb scare at their vow renewal and also it turned out Gwen was a bigamist, although that was also a surprise to her. (In addition to all of this, that show involved a generally shirtless Justin Hartley, and also I haven’t even gotten to the party where one of the houses in town literally got sucked into hell.) ANYWAY it feels pertinent to note that I find this dress just about as confusing and difficult as streamlining the plot of Passions into three sentences and not quite as fun.

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