Looking for a credit for this specific dress from The Vampire’s Wife (it’s this one), I totally fell into a wormhole on their website and have virtually shopped not only for myself, but for Duchess Kate, Millie Bobby Brown (who I think looks so much like Natalie), Helen Mirren, Jennifer Lawrence, Michelle Yeoh, and a variety of other famous women.  It’s so relaxing to get to spend a little time playing Fake Fantasy Stylist. Unlike the work of an ACTUAL stylist, I don’t have to be particularly organized. (Being a stylist is hard work.)

So, in general I run hot and cold on this line, but she looks VERY cute in this, like a cheerful and organized host of the best bridal shower you’ve ever attended. This woman will have a mimosa bar at that party, and she will have fresh flowers, and she somehow will also talk the bride of out playing any games, and then later she’s going to sidle over to you and confess that she’s thought of someone to fix you up with, and you’ll agree, and the date will actually be great. Make friends with this woman!

[Photo: Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/Shutterstock]