In Naomi’s defense, she still looks the same age as she actually was in the early aughts, so I cannot blame her for returning to that place sartorially as well — and she did resist the lure of a choker. In fact, how do we know this actually even IS Current Day Naomi Watts? Maybe she’s a time-traveller arrived from 2002 to…wait, why would someone time-travel into the future? Curiosity, certainly. To see how something you’re working on in the current day panned out. If it turns out that your future kids are assholes and something has to be done about them. To steal a sports almanac to make yourself a millionaire, that’s the most obvious one, I suppose. I guess we should be relieved that it’s Past Naomi Watts showing up to visit with Colbert, and not Naomi Watts From the Future. After all, what if she were wearing this:


Although honestly she might be able to pull that off.

[Photo: ROGER WONG/]
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