(a) This outfit, worn on this date in 1991, represents some of the worst of that time period: Overwhelming, weirdly slightly Western, and in need of at least a little more of a color story. We all did wear these, though.

(b) At this point, Emma’sĀ General Hospital character Holly Scorpio was just about to be brought back from the dead (turns out she did NOT die in a plane crash but was in fact just in a coma that she decided to stay in for a while because her husband had started dating someone else). Since then, she’s also come back in 2006 (“demanding a huge payout for the antidote for a mutant strain of encephalitis”), 2009 (to “shed light on the question of whether new arrivalĀ Ethan Lovett is her son” [yes]), 2012-13 (to clear up some lies she told in 2009), and 2015 (because her son got kidnapped), and then THIS year “Robert Scorpio receives a phone call informing him that Holly is dead,” but obviously NO ONE on a soap opera is EVER dead but they’re DEFINITELY not dead if you only get a PHONE CALL about it. Have you checked to see if she’s just in a coma to avoid some irritating people in her life? (She also played “Holly’s lookalike half-sister Paloma Perez, a heroic revolutionary.”)

(c) This is her husband, Bansi Nagji,to whom she was only married one year. They are attending something called “Taco Bell’s ‘Rock Art Cups for Charity’ Promotional Campaign Kick-Off Celebration” and TBH, as much as I do sincerely love Taco Bell, this may not have helped the marriage.

[Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images]