This outfit is weirding me out a little.

Not because it’s so bad, necessarily, although it would perhaps be more at home at someone’s sorority sister’s wedding (you know, you’re fresh out of college, and you think you can pick a bridesmaid dress that everyone will want to wear again, and you will be wrong); no, it’s more because she almost looks like she could be the fifteen-year old star of a Nickelodeon sitcom called, like, #Chrissy or something. A baby-pink poofy satin tweehouse isn’t exactly what I was expecting, and I think maybe she should’ve handed it down to an actual 15-year old for Prom and poured herself a cocktail and done some more shopping.

Your turn:

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  • It's... weirdly teen-age (65%, 2,659 Votes)
  • IT'S NOT CUTE (26%, 1,039 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,068

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