Honestly, this is such a minor nit, I almost feel like it’s not worth picking. But this site is nothing if not a place to be persnickety, and so:

That gown is majestic on her. The colors are rich and spectacular, and they fuse together into such an elegant pattern, and so I find myself wanting to take that piece of netting and yank on it like a magician pulling a tablecloth out from under the plates. It was there on the runway version, too, but somehow seeing it in the wild makes it look like it’s anticipating a note — as if Lela Rose thought, “Ooh, the Internets are ganging up on deep vees. Let’s just patch it.” Honestly Gugu looks amazing regardless, but I wish we could’ve seen it the other way. And yet, how many times out of ten does the magician tug the cloth and end up smashing dinner all over the floor? So maybe Lela knew what she was doing.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering if I’m still confused as HELL by Rodarte, the answer is yes:

The answer is yes. Because this is SO GOOD. If they’re capable of making stuff this pleasant, why do they spend so much time making stuff that looks like Post-Apocalyptic Derelicte Prom Night? KEEP WALKING TOWARD THE LIGHT, LADIES.

[Photo: Getty]