She’s missing the bangs, and maybe a tie, but otherwise Morfydd Clark’s ensemble here is reminding me of our girl Brenda — and it occurs to me that maybe a little Brenda Walsh Energy is what we’re missing from that exorbitantly expensive Lord of the Rings prequel situation on Amazon. And I don’t mean early season Brenda; we do not need Galadriel running away from home to stand-up comedy. I do want to see Galadriel stomp her foot and say, “I hate you both! NEVER TALK TO ME AGAIN!” Or fake a French accent to attract a hot wanderer, or if we’re lucky, she could say, “If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck…” in front of a wizard, who could them oblige by turning her enemy completely into one. Galadriel also has a brother, Finrod. Is he smug? How’s his hair? Is anyone’s mom on cocaine in Middle Earth? Surely this could work.

[Photo: Sama Kai/Dave Benett/Getty Images]