Does Taylor Momsen know something we don’t?

Taylor Momsen and her puppy leave El Compadre Mexican Restaurant on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood

[Photo: Splash News]

Because if she hit her head on the toilet and invented time travel, and plans to zip back to 1992 so that her outfit will finally have a proper home, I wish she’d let us know so that we can give her a list of grievous wrongs to correct — like telling Celine Dion that backward suits are poison, or encouraging Kenny Rogers not to get a face lift, or most of Brandon’s girlfriends on 90210. But if she hasn’t and she’s just flitting around like Courtney Love in a dinner theater revival of My Fair Lady, then it means her dog is officially more thoughtfully clad than she is. Although that might be true even if the dog were wearing nothing at all.
However, were I to choose between this and thigh-highs, Grunge Flower Girl wins every time.