Having just asked the question about whether her team is crafting an overly mature narrative for Millie — which was not intended as criticism of her; rather, as an acknowledgment that being famous is a team sport and all of this is being signed off on by adults who I REALLY hope are letting her be the newly minted teen she is — we have a couple things that are steering back toward the more sane side of the line. This outfit is mad dramatic, and very sophisticated and something a person any number of years older could also wear… and yet it’s still got JUST enough playfulness in the material. The problem mostly is that her head could be that of a 36-year old socialite returning from having purchased her third yacht in Capri. It would work on Kerry Washington, or Margot Robbie, or Emma Watson, or Cate the Great, etc., and with younger touches around it — maybe a t-shirt rather than a bodysuit, looser hair, and I’ll take the shades thank you very much — I think it’d be great here too. I actually kind of want Zendaya to call Millie and be like, “Here. I’ve got you. I know what to do.”

AOL Build Speaker Series, New York, USA - 01 Nov 2017

This is Louis Vuitton, though it reminds me very much of a DKNY line from several years ago. (Which, speaking of Zendaya, is a line she wore.) While the sneakers — hot off the runway — are an overcorrection (they are Bieber-size and it’s bananas), I do think the aesthetic is at least moving in the right direction. Think streamlined kicks, or flats! It would be good! I just wish they’d let her hair down. On several levels, obviously, but mostly just because this would still look 13-but-professional if she was allowed to shake it out and tousle things a bit. Then again, given how busy she’s been on the promotional trail, maybe this was their way of avoiding her having to wash and blow dry it all over again. I appreciate short cuts, that’s for sure.

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