I thought what Millie wore to the VMAs was pretty bad. I sympathize with how hard it must be to dress a girl who’s getting all kinds of designer things slung at her, while rocketing to fame and attending adult galas and work screenings and such, wanting to be seen as an actress and not a kid. We’ve seen countless times how hard it is to grow up in that business and be caught in that Britney Spears “not a girl not yet a woman” zone, although to me 14 is still a girl and therein still lies the issue sometimes with MBB. At least the VMAs outfit didn’t sexualize her; I just thought it was unappealing and drab, and more befitting someone twice her age. Give it to Lucy Hale and we’ll talk, you know?. This one seems more correct. It’s business-y, but on-trend; it’s playfully short — and there’s either a cute lining or a hint of a good skirt peeking out there — but it’s not microscopically treacherous. I don’t know that she needed the extreme eye makeup, but this is coming from someone who is the inverse of Millie’s age and still doesn’t know how to apply any of that, so take grandma’s grumblings on that topic with a large grain of salt. But in the long game of trying to figure out how to inch this particular girl toward adulthood rather than catapulting her there, this is a good step.

[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]