This dotted frock is by a designer called Del Core, which does not appear to be any kind of weird rhyming Dior misunderstanding. Ergo… is our VERY LONG national nightmare over? Did Jennifer stay out of the limelight long enough to escape from the shackles of a bad fashion contract? Or is this just her Rumspringa? Whatever is going on, she looks fantastic and she seems very, very happy. Now, one could attribute that to her personal life, and/or her pride in her new movie Causeway. But because I’m petty and dramatic, of course I choose to believe she made s’mores in the flames of the Dior look book that she and her stylist torched in the Hamptons. And yes, I realize this is absolutely going to result in the next thing she wears being a Dior, but I’m going to enjoy my version while I can.

[Photo: David Fisher/Shutterstock]