So there’s basically no way that is could be considered in any way appropriate, right?

Spike TV's

Just checking. Although, honestly, wearing a burka covered in lyrics from your album and giving the camera the bird is almost too on the nose when it comes to the Offending People As a Way of Getting Attention sweepstakes. Like, it seems SO OBVIOUSLY designed to get people all worked up that it comes all the way around and turns boring again. You REALLY want to get people’s attention in this post-Gaga age? You have to work harder than this. Let’s brainstorm: start traveling everywhere with Buckethead and when people stop paying attention to you, make out with the bucket! Dress like a goat and then dramatically set yourself on fire at the end of the night!  Walk around with a man-face stuck on the back of your head, like Voldemort under Quirrell’s turban in Harry Potter and the One Where Voldemort’s Living on the Back of a Dude’s Head (which is what we call Sorcerer’s Stone in my house)! WORK FOR IT.

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