First things first: I really love Kristen’s makeup here, and I think this hair color is so flattering on her:

The Cinema Society & Everlon Diamond Knot Collection Host A Screening Of

Second things second: how do we feel about this dress? I like it, while also recognizing that it kind of looks like two super similar dresses sewn together (and while suspecting that it wasn’t always this short). [PS: We’re having problems with our polling software today, so the polls that originally appeared here have been YANKED temporarily: please just have at it in the comments as usual!]

But wait! There’s more! Look what she wore this weekend!

Spike TV's

I must confess that I rather love this picture. She has, as Tyra would point out, made her own hair-wind. Can we also just take a moment to talk about all the things that Tyra has taught us, maybe in spite of ourselves? They include: the important of hair-wind, smizing, and elongating one’s neck. I challenge ANY long-time viewer of ANTM to admit that they HAVEN’T thought about neck-elongation at some point when having their photo snapped. Because you totally thought about neck-elongation, and maybe a little bit about smizing. Don’t lie. It’s okay. I have too. But how do you like it?