We admit it: We were avoiding the other Middleton sister because we had Pippa fatigue, ever since we woke up after the royal wedding all-nighter to find out that she’d basically been proclaimed Britain’s First Derriere and that her bum had its own Facebook page. In fact, I suspect Pippa herself had Pippa fatigue after a while, although I only feel that way because the idea of going for a jog along the Thames with cameramen documenting my every huff and puff seems really unappealing to me, and thus I am projecting my feelings. When in fact this might all be delighting her to no end, especially because it means Hot Harry has access to countless photos of her prodigious leg muscles, and maybe a girl doesn’t go running along the Thames if she’s England’s Most Famous Ass(et) unless she wants it documented. I don’t know. But anyway. Where was I? Right: ¬†After Kate’s big North American tour, we wondered if it was time to check in on what’s been up with Pippa since she had to return to regular life. The results? She has picked up her life much as she left it, except with more cameras. Let’s take a look — although sans jogging photos, because really, the girl might just have wanted to burn off a Cadbury’s Flake or two, so I’ll give her that much privacy at least. I’m so kind.

[Photos: Splash News, Pacific Coast News]