I want Bee Shaffer to be awesome. Because here’s the thing: North West may need her. Like North, Bee has a mother — Anna Wintour — who is notorious and also powerful. And while Bee is ostensibly close with her mother, she doesn’t appear to be trying to coast on her coattails, or at least courting any fame beyond what you naturally get from being in New York social circles. North West may need a primer on how to avoid the fray. #SaveNorth.


This is just stunning. Every year Bee trots out something astonishing at the Met — it can’t hurt that the designers do not want to upset La Grande Dame by making a mug out of her child — and she wears it with quiet dignity and elegance, while many of the A-list invitees invitees glide around her like gluttons at the attention buffet. Which is totally their right; it’s what red carpet events are for, and Lord knows I don’t begrudge them the spotlight, because it brings out SO many outfits worth discussing. I just enjoy that amid all the pomp and circumstance from people who think they’re the center of attention, Bee Shaffer quietly steals the show.

Anna is in Chanel, and it somehow looks very typical even if it’s new. It’s both quilted and fringed, and may have antlers. At least she doesn’t play it safe, I suppose. And now I’m going back to gazing lovingly at Bee’s train.

[Photo: Getty]