In the hopes of getting through so many many many Met Gala looks, I thought, “why not stick the two American Horror Story ladies together?” Let’s start with the Supreme herself, Jessica Lange (with and in Marc Jacobs):

Marc looks sharp, although that man-bag looks like a dop kit, as if he ran out of the hotel before realizing that he’s still got his toothpaste and shaving cream on him. I think she looks great — and better when you realize she’s NOT wearing a Bump-It, but she’s just standing in front of another woman with similar colored hair. Is this going to change the universe? No. But is she going to wake up the next day wailing, WHAT HAVE I DONE? Also no.

And then there’s Sarah Paulson in Prada:

I SHOULD hate this, but I actually love it. It’s like the crazy drunk cousin of someone else’s more boring dress, and that’s always the person you want to be seated next to at the party.

[Photos: Getty and WENN]