God bless Chloe Sevigny. The red lip, and the complex hair, and the AstroTurf fabric frock, and the lone butt cheek, and the fierce expression:

I just want to…well, I’m not sure. Chloe Sevigny does not seem like a person who high-fives. She certainly will not allow me to hug her. Would she accept an enthusiastic thumbs up or a cheery finger gun? What kind of physical expression of appreciation can I give her as thanks for her continued sartorial elan? Can I….kiss her hand? Do I just bow deeply? Proffer a jaunty wave?

Whatever I’m allowed to do, I am doing it:

This is deconstructed and slightly evil, like something you’d see on a fashionable but very mean governess. I will do whatever you say, lady. Although I will not sign off on your after-party look:

This seems intended for the AFTER after-party, dude.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]